The white fir wood is light, fairly tender, light in color with reddish veins and is widely used in carpentry, where it is used for various constructions both indoors (furnishings) and exteriors. The white fir does not contain resin since this is present only in the bark giving a greater resistance and static capacity and a high aptitude for the impregnation of colors.


The pine wood is a wood rich in resin, clear that has great chromatic differences near the nodes, which is why it is often used for “rustic” style interior furnishings.


The Swiss stone pine, also known as Swiss stone pine or Swiss stone pine, is a tree of our Alps. Its wood is very valuable and is used in particular for sculptures. It is also highly appreciated in furnishings for the pleasant and unmistakable fragrance of its essence.


Cedar is aromatic and resistant wood used in archery for the construction of arrows, in boating for the construction of hulls and for the construction of humidors (cigar boxes).


Yellow Pine is a very resinous wood with orange to reddish brown colors and has strong contrasts between the spring wood areas and the darker and denser ones of late wood. He is engaged in carpentry both indoors and outdoors.


Douglas fir wood is in great demand. The use is varied, both indoors and outdoors, due to its characteristics: lightness, strength, elasticity and resistance to atmospheric agents.


Acacia is a very variable color hardwood, from yellow-green to golden-brown; It is very well workable, being very foldable and compact. Its essence is extremely resistant to humidity.


Maple is a hard wood, with strong light / dark contrasts in the growth areas. Having a very varied figure it is often used for decorations and interior furniture.


Chestnut is a type of wood that does not require any treatment since it contains a natural substance, tannin, which protects it from fungi and bacteria thus making it more long-lasting. Furthermore, it is used for internal furnishings due to its coloring and for external structural work due to its robustness.